What I Did On My Summer Vacation

A little geometry project in which I make things move . . . → Read More: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Generating Generics: Creating Classes at Run Time in Flash

A simple demonstration of class generation in Actionscript using the as3-commons-bytecode library . . . → Read More: Generating Generics: Creating Classes at Run Time in Flash

Haskell Liftoff

I’ve been reading about Haskell for a year or so, but it’s only lately that I’ve really started to do any coding in the language. It’s really good to finally write some code of my own and see what the compiler thinks about it.

I had to get a few things set up on my . . . → Read More: Haskell Liftoff

The Arrogant Enum

This enum thinks it’s the last word in ActionScript enumerated-type implementations. In fact it thinks it’s so hot that it calls itself the Ultimate Enum. Check it out and see if it doesn’t do the trick for you. If it doesn’t, please let me know and I hope we can improve it further.

Example enum . . . → Read More: The Arrogant Enum

Blobs in Games: Polygon Map Generation, by Amit Patel

Amit Patel has published a great article on map generation based upon Voronoi polygons. He generates the Voronoi polygons using my as3delaunay library. But the polygons are just the beginning of his process…

Try the demo! And — yum — see the source code!

Trees Grow

Constrained minimum spanning trees as shape fills, the moving version of my earlier post The Name of the Node. . . . → Read More: Trees Grow

Roll Over, Delaunay: Voronoi Library Goes Open-Source

I’ve released the as3delaunay library on github! . . . → Read More: Roll Over, Delaunay: Voronoi Library Goes Open-Source

Implementing Enumerated Types in ActionScript 3

UPDATE I’ve improved on this implementation; please see the later post The Arrogant Enum.

This is about implementing an enum in AS3 with value restriction ( i.e. the programmer should be unable to diminish or add to the set of values) and type safety.

We’ll implement the data type as a Class. In order to . . . → Read More: Implementing Enumerated Types in ActionScript 3

Googling myself with Voronoi

No, this isn’t about some hot new way of using Voronoi diagrams to google myself; I’ll leave that challenge to Mario.

I was looking over the search terms that had led people to my blog today, and decided to click on “Alan Shaw” Voronoi. Among all the recent stuff, I came across some papers and . . . → Read More: Googling myself with Voronoi

The usual?

Just about every weekend I go to my favorite local restaurant, China Fun, for one of the traditional meals I got accustomed to long ago in Taiwan: 鹹豆漿 xián dòujiāng — “salty” soybean milk, meaning hot soybean milk with sliced-up 油條 yóutiáo (“oil-stick,” i.e. fried cruller), dried baby shrimp, pickled veg, cilantro, etc, as opposed . . . → Read More: The usual?

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